Margo has an incredible gift of connecting with corporate leaders and coaching them on how to communicate with exceptional effectiveness. Her years of experience in the business and political arena give her the edge in understanding the realities and challenges of a broad range of communication situations.

PresidentLeadership Development firm

Margo Woodacre was the national presenter at the San Antonio Alzheimer’s Association Educational Summit 2017.  Her personal style of speaking allowed connection and comfort to the audience, both professional and family caregivers. As the key note speaker, people were drawn into her Journey with ‘Ernie’. Easy to work with and flexible with her schedule on the day of, Margo was a true asset to our Summit.

Helen FloresChairman of Educational Summits, Voluntary Board of Directors, Alzheimer’s Association

Margo Woodacre did an excellent job of presenting at our annual Alzheimer’s Association Education Symposium in San Antonio, Tx. Feedback from participants both verbally and in their surveys was that they appreciated her style of presentation, her understanding and really connecting with caregivers, and overall they liked her very much and hopes she will return. Ms. Woodacre also did a breakout session later in the day, and this was extremely well received. The audience asked many questions, shared personal stories, and appreciated the discussion back and forth with Margo. She shared very helpful guidance about specific daily things that can be so difficult. We are so thankful she was our keynote speaker this year!

Ginny FunkDirector of Programs & Advocacy l Alzheimer’s Association, San Antonio & South Texas National Chapter

I find that I am often seeking and not finding role models for what I want in the professional arena, so it was wonderful to meet someone like Margo with a wealth of experience and a very human and dignified touch. She is a terrific teacher, speaker and coach.

Sales and Marketing ManagerInternational Chemical Company

Margo Woodacre spoke at two of our Dementia conferences with her upbeat message and advice. She has experienced all the tragic ups and downs of dementia in caring for and ultimately losing her husband, Ernie, to Alzheimer’s disease. The combination of this “crash course in dementia” with her unique ability to understand emotionally and physically what was required to meet the demands the disease presented, makes her a unique resource for all who are living this nightmare. What is truly impressive is her ability to connect with other caregivers and to share strategies that preserve dignity in their lives and prevent them from also being broken by this tragic disease.

Dr. Charles H Edwards IIMedical Director, Memory Center Charlotte

After the program, I had some brief thoughts about how brilliantly Margo runs her seminars and how masterful she is at developing rapport with all participants.  Trying to do this myself, I can appreciate the special gift she has to do all these things naturally and, it seems, effortlessly.

Training Coordinator International Pharmaceutical Company

Good courses need good instructors and, more importantly, observers. Margo’s expertise as a coach and observer made this course a complete success.

Sales and Account ManagerInternational Chemical Company

‘Style and substance’ are two qualities I seek most in selecting speakers for my college students and that combination describes Margo Ewing Woodacre’s presentations in my classes over the past 15 years. She consistently delivers evidence-based content with examples from “real life” to create head-and-heart connections in students as they prepare for careers in human services, gerontological health, education, law, research, and corporate personnel development. Margo’s enthusiasm is contagious! She is both authentic and passionate in sharing relevant case studies, integrated with such developmental theories as Erik Erikson’s Lifespan Transitions to stimulate critical thinking skills on topics ranging from ‘Transitions to College’ to ‘Caring for Loved Ones with Alzheimer’s’ to ‘Living and Learning from Adversity.’ She has been a resilient and positive role model to my students and me whose ages represent a significant part of the lifespan (18 to 80 years.) As a college professor for over 40 years, I can say her public speaking provides meaningful messages for all generations, which is why she is invited to speak each year at our University.

Julie Mapes Wilgen, Ph.D.University of Delaware

Margo has a winning system that is a combination of detail, simplicity, and common sense. Whether you are a CEO, bank president, doctor, lawyer or sports coach, I believe all will benefit from the Margo’s System and personal coaching.

George GlennDelaware Football Coach of the Year and Former Head Football Coach at Salesianum High School, Wilmington, DE.